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Whether it's for the mid-season like spring or fall, or even for cooler summer evenings, the lightweight men's down jacket is a must-have item in every man's wardrobe. It's also essential in winter in our milder regions and can be used as a layer under a coat or parka from our fall-winter collection. Our brand specializes in natural down filling, which can provide warmth for milder temperatures, as well as for the mid-season when temperatures are still a bit chilly. Less thickly padded than classic down jackets, thinner and more practical to wear, these quilted jackets have some advantages not to be overlooked. The prices of down jackets on the market can vary depending on the quality of the down and finishing.

When choosing your favorite down jacket, choose a model that you are sure to wear for a long time and is of high quality. Our lightweight men's down jackets are made from durable and/or sustainable materials such as polyester and natural down to provide effective thermal insulation. At Pyrenex, you can be sure to find the best quality at the best price, based on expertise that has been passed down since 1859.

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection highlights the desire to get closer to nature through softer and more natural colors but also the need to adapt to our constantly evolving lifestyles: from the city to the countryside, from the sea to the mountains. Our lightweight down jackets and vests will meet all your needs.

A light down jacket for the city.

Often considered for purely sports use, the men's lightweight down jacket is increasingly appreciated by city dwellers. Worn alone as a jacket over a knitwear item, it brings a technical touch that blends perfectly with jeans and sneakers. Without a hood, with or without sleeves, a lightweight down jacket can also be worn over a shirt for a very casual-chic look. Finally, used as a layer under your coat, suit jacket, or favorite trench coat, the lightweight down jacket is ideal for providing warmth without compromising on your look. Obviously, in the midst of cold weather, nothing replaces our classic men's down jackets filled with our French natural down, also available in the women's wardrobe section.

Lightweight down jacket: ease of movement for mountains activities

While providing very good insulation against the cold, Pyrenex down jackets are ultra-lightweight, which allows for great freedom of movement during your travels and sports activities. These quilted jackets filled with natural down meet the needs of adventurers who go on mountain expeditions for hiking or trekking. We appreciate the lightweight down jackets for their practical and easily transportable (compact) side in a backpack, their limited weight, their breathability, and obviously their ability to keep warm.

In addition to mountain outings, lightweight down jackets can also be very useful during your sports sessions.

Light down jackets for all tastes.

Pyrenex lightweight men's down jackets are available in several colors. For more streetwear and urban styles, you will find black, navy blue, or khaki colors. For mountain enthusiasts, you will opt for more colorful tones, such as orange or cherry red. Regardless of the chosen color, it will match well with both jeans and technical pants. Our ultra-lightweight quilted jackets are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to meet all needs and tastes. Pyrenex men's down jackets are adaptable to everyone and cover a maximum of sizes to better fit all body types.

If you have doubts about which size to choose, you will find a size guide system on our website. You can enter your measurements and choose the most appropriate size.