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At Pyrenex, we know how important sleep is. That's why we're determined to offer you the best products to help you rediscover the pleasure of sleep. On our online shop you can now find a selection of down duvets for every season. Winter, summer or more temperate climates. The quality of our duvets, their finish, their materials and above all their natural filling of 100% French goose down and duck feathers give you unequalled comfort and quality. Above all, a good duvet should be airy, light, soft and able to store the right amount of warmth depending on the temperature of your room.

Handcrafted in France

More than 160 years' experience in processing feathers and down means we can offer top-of-the-range products made 100% in France with goose and duck down filling carefully selected from among the finest in the world. This exceptional filling is the key to our made in France expertise. It ensures warmth and comfort, but also breathability and lightness throughout the night, guaranteeing you exceptional thermal quality.

Compared with microfibre duvets, which often come from the petrochemical industry, our duvets offer a feeling of comfort and well-being that is intensified by their natural upcycled filling and their very soft cotton cover.

The strength of our Pyrenex bedding range lies in the loft of our down. Calculated in cuin, a filling power of over 500 cuin is generally considered to be very good quality. At Pyrenex, we go one step further, with loft ratings of up to 850 cuin. You'll never forget your first night in a Pyrenex duvet and pillows. Our extensive range includes bedding products with different weights, sizes (single, double), materials and finishes to suit every need, every sleeping habit and, above all, every season, with different levels of warmth: warm in winter for chilly people, light for summer and mild seasons. Temperate and 4-season duvets can be used all year round, depending on the person.

At Pyrenex, we also offer Greenfirst anti-mite treated versions of our products: a 100% natural treatment based on essential plant oils: lavender, lemon, eucalyptus. Long-lasting performance, even after repeated household washes at 90°C. What's better, thanks to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label, our entire bedding range is guaranteed to be free from substances that are dangerous to human health. Pyrenex offers two levels of guarantee for its products, ensuring protection from the cover to the filling.

Maintenance made easy

Maintenance couldn't be easier. You simply need to shake it regularly to keep the filling properly distributed, and invert the top and bottom of the duvet every two weeks. A wash once or twice a year in a laundry with a 5 kg drum is ideal. We recommend using liquid detergent, which is easier to dissolve than washing powder. What's more, we supply 5 doses of soap for 5 different washes with every duvet purchase. To give your duvet all its volume back, insert 2 or 3 dryer balls in the tumble dryer and you'll find your product in the same condition as the day you bought it.

On our e-shop, you'll find a range of duvet sizes, depending on the model (single bed for children, double bed for adults): 155x200 cm, 140x200 cm, 200x200 cm, 230x220 cm, 240x220 cm, 260x220 cm, 260x240 cm, 280x240 cm, 300x240 cm. You can also select duvets according to the season: temperate duvets for mid-season, warm duvets for winter and light duvets for summer. Our range of pillows completes your purchase to double the comfort and a guaranteed feeling of well-being.

When you buy on our website, you can be sure of 100% secure payment. Delivery and returns are free for all products, so don't hesitate to order your ideal duvet!