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A comforter, or quilt, is a fabric envelope filled with down and / or feathers that is placed on a bed in addition to a duvet or a blanket. It is a kind of large - sometimes padded - plaid very fluffy which main object is to bring you comfort and warmth during cool, or even cold nights to ensure you a high-quality sleep.

The quilt completes your classic bedding set by adding to your favorite duvet or bed cover (a quilt usually smaller to make room for pillows and other bolsters) to keep you warmer. Sometimes considered as an old-fashioned accessory, a bit too traditional, quilts have now become fashionable, both in your bedroom and in your living room thanks to different shapes, colors and materials. The comforter is for example perfect as a decoration accessory on your sofa for winter cocooning evenings or for those moments of relaxation after a long day at work.

Some comforters have synthetic filling, but at Pyrenex we exclusively offer 100% natural duck and goose down filling originated from our factory in Saint-Sever, France. On our online shop, you will find two types of comforters: the flat ones, called "American" and the classic ones. Delivery and returns are always free.