Down jackets and mountaineering equipment in real life conditions testing

Two French mountaineers went on two expeditions to test the Pyrenex mountain collection

The mountain is fully part of Pyrenex DNA. In a desire to keep on producing the best possible extreme weather garments, we ahev been working season after season with some of the best French alpinists who have become friends and technical advisors of the brand. Among them are Yann Borgnet and Lara Amoros, thow mountain lovers who ventured on two expeditions in Georgia and Chili to test in real life – cold weather – conditions our range of mountaineering down jackets.

Throughout the development process of this mountain collection, our athletes have been involved in improving each product. Through their testing and feedbacks, they have confirmed the technicality and reliability of our mountain jackets. During these two expeditions, they wore very warm and resistant down jackets such as the Chinook XP, the Hudson XP, the Meije XP as well as lighter mountain down jackets such as the Bruce and the Masha.

Lara and Yann also set off with warm sleeping bags filled with French duck down and feathers, such as the Nepal 1700 and Ladakh 1600.


chili pulka expidition