How to choose the right coat?

How to choose the right coat/jacket?

How to pick up a winter coat which will enhance your silhouette? Which fabric? Which cut? Which jacket will fit my morphology?

Choosing your next coat is not an easy task, especially when you bear in mind that it is the central piece of your winter wardrobe. We all have different morphologies, which doesn’t mean we can’t all have style. You just need to find THE coat which will set you off your advantage.

Which coat should you choose if you are a person of small stature? Oversize-type coats and jackets should be banned as they will certainly flatten your silhouette… The whole point is to select a model which will stretch your body and give you a thin figure. Favouring short coats/jackets is a must to lengthen your silhouette. If you’re into urban style, the Mauco short down jacket will be the perfect fit. If you are a tall person, you should give a try to the Mac coat. With its light and water repellent fabric, it is ideal for rainy days.

Which coat should you choose if you are corpulent or muscular? When seeking to hid disgracious curves, it is recommended to emphasize your advantages. You have a bit of a belly but strong shoulders? Then you should go for a mid-length coat, like the Mistral mid-length coat, like the Mistral down

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