Pyrenex wins the ecodesign trophy

Pyrenex's "ecodesign at every level" project stood out at the 3rd edition of the Nouvelle Aquitaine ecodesign awards ceremony held on 14 November 2019 in Angoulême, winning the first prize.

Trophy ecodesign

At Pyrenex, ecodesign has been an integral part of our DNA since the foundation of our factory in 1859 in Saint-Sever. For over 160 years, Pyrenex has been developing a unique know-how in terms of collecting, processing and sorting feathers and down, as well as in the filling and manufacturing of clothing and home products. This expertise has been developed and passed on from generation to generation. This activity enables the recycling and revalorization of a co-product of local agricultural sectors: a real upcycling process.

As the only European company to integrate all stages of production, allowing a perfect control of all processes, Pyrenex has a dedicated team that repairs and optimizes machines and installations continuously ensuring the manufacture of high-quality products.

The production site, located in Saint Sever, certified ISO 9001 and 14001, is a reference in terms of quality, hygiene, safety and respect for the environment where a large part of the bedding products are hand-made. Also unique in Europe, the production process of feathers and down is certified OekoTex by the IFTH. As a result, the majority of products are Oekotex certified, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances.

Pyrenex feathers & down and all bedding products (duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, plaids and other quilts) are 100% manufactured in our Saint Sever factory. The creation of a "made in Saint-Sever" workshop for down jackets, inaugurated in 2019, is an extension of this local production strategy. Pyrenex is also the only company in Europe to group together the 3 activities: Feathers & Down; Bedding articles and Valuables.

Pyrenex made in France

2019 key indicators:

- Materials: High performance of our down in terms of upcycling.

- Filling: natural down fillings have a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic fillings (around 85% to 97% less impact).

- Manufacturing: water consumption reduction by 50%, 30% for gas and 20% for electricity over the past decade. Re-location of a down jacket production line thanks to an innovative technology in Saint-Sever.

This trophy rewards the work accomplished over more than a decade and pushes Pyrenex to continue to reduce its environmental impact on all its current and future activities.