The iconic spring item: the windbreaker

What's a windbreaker?

Winter is over, but it does not mean that the rainy, windy or chilly days are over. To cope with climate change in mid-season and in summer, the windbreaker is a must-have in your wardrobe. It's a light, breathable, water-repellent jacket that insulates against gusts of wind and bad weather.

Today, windbreakers (or windcheaters) are making a comeback in urban and outdoor fashion. At Pyrenex, we offer you a wide range of windbreakers for men, women and kids with different cuts, uses and colours to satisfy your desires.

The composition of Pyrenex windbreakers

Our Pyrenex windbreakers, from the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, are made of 100% polyamide fabric and matt/shiny taffeta. Polyamide is a synthetic material which, through its weave, has many technical characteristics such as lightness, strength, water repellency and breathability. These features make Pyrenex windbreakers very comfortable and practical to wear every day. As for the matt/shiny taffeta, it is a very tightly woven fabric with very fine yarns that have a shiny or matt appearance. Taffeta adds a modern touch the windcheater by making it more aesthetically pleasing to wear: shiny for an urban style and a vintage twist, matt for a more sportswear look.

When to wear a Pyrenex windbreaker?

When going outdoors (of course!)

This year, Pyrenex responds to your adventure needs with a collection of outdoor windbreakers that fit perfectly with your outdoor physical activities.

Pyrenex windbreakers limit heat loss and protect you from the wind. Efficient thanks to the water-repellent properties of the fabric, these jackets evacuate water as long as the rain is not too heavy. The polyamide material is perfect for wicking away perspiration during sustained activities.

Resolutely sportswear, this new collection will attract those of you who share the same DNA as Pyrenex: escape, adventure and travel.

On urban outings

Although the windcheater is very useful for outdoor activities, it has become a major fashion garment to be worn in mid-season and summer.

With a slim or oversized cut, the windbreaker can be worn with skirts, boyfriend jeans or slim jeans, and with sneakers, high boots and open shoes for women. Closed or open, unicoloured or multicoloured, the Pyrenex windcheater is one of our favourite jackets of the season for men, women and children.

With its casual streetwear look, the Pyrenex windcheater will easily have its place within your spring wardrobe.

How do I smooth out a Pyrenex windbreaker?

To smooth out a Pyrenex windbreaker, nothing is easier than a steam engine or an iron (with steam option) to remove bad creases; be careful not to touch the material with the iron! Windbreakers’ fabric (polyamide or polyester) does not need to be smooth out very frequently. The best way to avoid the need to do it is to lay it out well on a hanger directly after wearing it.

How do I wash and dry a Pyrenex windbreaker?

Windcheaters are subject to the elements and get dirty easily. To look after your windbreaker, simply follow the care label instructions before washing. It is recommended to wash it in the machine at 30°C with a mild detergent while respecting the indicated dosage. It is recommended not to use fabric softener as it may damage the water-repellent fabric of the jacket. Finally, it is preferable to wash your jacket inside out to avoid damaging it. Don't hesitate to rinse it again to remove all the detergent. It is also possible to dry-wash your windbreaker on dirty areas. As for drying, it is best to dry it naturally, in the open air, and avoid placing it against the radiator.