The windbreaker: a trendy and practical garment

The windbreaker: a trendy and practical garment

Thanks to the return of the fashion of the 90s, the water-repellent windbreaker is again a trendy garment seen on all the podiums. Whether for outdoor activities or everyday life, this garment can be taken anywhere in the middle of the season and also fits easily in your pocket thanks to its internal carry bag.

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How to choose your windbreaker

A good windbreaker will be water repellent and not waterproof, in order to optimize the breathability of the body during an effort. Thus, during a hike or while mountain biking, the windproof windbreaker will be your best ally sheltering you from the wind, a light rain while letting your body breathe. Pyrenex offers trendy windbreakers adapted to the outdoor environment.

Discover our latest spring summer 2019 collection of colorful and ultra-light windbreakers for men, women and now also available on our e-shop for boys and girls from 8 to 16 years old.


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