A peak experience of the Pic du Midi

The backdrop of Pyrenex’s FW2021 campaign, the Pic du Midi de Bigorre in the Pyrenees, rises to an altitude of 2,877 meters. This iconic spot in the Pyrenees range is home to an astronomy observatory that stands out above a spectacular sea of clouds. The Pic du Midi has a long history and watching both the sky and the stars has continued there since the observatory was built in 1878. This authentic story echoes Pyrenex’s own history and its 160-year-old Factory.


Pic du Midi x Pyrenex

First built in 1952 and then renovated in the 2000s, the Pic du Midi de Bigorre cable car gives the main access to the astronomical observatory located at the top of the summit. It allows you to climb more than 1000m of positive difference in height in the space of about fifteen minutes.

This spectacular place opens up to you from East to West over 300 km of mountains. The best view of the Pyrenees can be found here.

A timeless urban collection

This autumn/winter collection is composed of timeless iconic down jackets and many novelties that draw their inspiration from the Pyrenees mountain range. Naturally, this season's colour range features shades of mountain ice and eternal snow, not forgetting autumn foliage tones. The collection oscillates between light and shade to give rhythm to the different fabrics and models. Note that these down jackets and parkas are trimmed with French feathers and down to offer warmth and lightness in winter, even when the weather conditions are cold or even extreme.

Spoutnic down jackets matt version for men and shiny version for women / Comfort temperature limit -5°C.


FW21 Collection Pyrenex

Great new this winter: the mountain collection

Pyrenex is extending its heritage and urban offer with a technical capsule dedicated to mountaineering and more generally to the pleasures of the mountains. The brand returns to its origins by reinterpreting a mountain collection based on its partnership at the time with the famous Pyrenean mountaineer Louis Audoubert, the brand's technical advisor since the 1970s.

Audoubert down jacket / Comfort limit temperature -30°C. Generous volume, vintage colour codes, a product that alone tells a story, the story of Louis Audoubert's ascents and that of Pyrenex.

Audoubert Down Jacket

The Pyrenex mountain capsule has been designed according to the temperature ranges required for mountaineering and the technical requirements for climbing the highest peaks. Highly powerful, Pyrenex jackets can be worn in extreme conditions down to -30°C such as the Audoubert jacket (above) and the Chinook XP down jacket (below). 

Men's Chinook XP mountaineering down jacket / Comfort temperature limit -30°C. This very warm down jacket has been able to withstand laboratory temperatures down to -50°C. This performance can be explained by the double insulation of this jacket: a first insulation against the outside cold with an 18cm tube fabric and an extremely insulating natural down filling, and a second insulation made possible by a 4 cm tube fabric lining filled with Legend Pyrenex down.

Chinook XP down jacket

In addition to the Chinook XP jacket, the Hudson XP and Meije XP models have been designed in Pertex Quantum Pro fabric to complete the mountaineering range. The slim fit of both models allows you to go on expeditions with ease of movement.

Mountaineering down jackets Hudson XP for men and Meije XP for women / Comfort temperature limit -10°C.

Hudson XP & Meije XP down jackets


Our athletes participate in the development of our next mountains collections

Throughout the collection development process, our athletes have tested the prototypes and products in real conditions, thus affirming the technicality and reliability of our jackets. The photos below show the Chinook XP, Hudson XP and Meije XP down jackets by two French mountaineers Lara Amoros and Yann Borgnet during two « test » trips to Georgia and Chile.

Pyrenex athlete